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James Jones

James Jones

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08/20/14 10:37 PM #1    

Joseph Herring

I received this message from Jimmy's sister Judy. She used to be the receptionist at my dentist's office in Laurel. Jimmy Jones left us October 1, 2004. I believe that he had suffered heart problems for a number of years.

Judy Wheatley

6:50 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

I got your two messages the night I returned from a 21-day trip.  It has been really busy since then (went to Ocean City for a couple of days) and now I am back in school (still teaching English at Magruder High School in Rockville).
Anyway, I should have been thinking about the fact that it has been 50 years since Jimmy graduated from Carroll because my class at St. Cecilia's celebrated our 50th reunion last year.
I am not sure how you knew that Jimmy died, but, yes, he died on Oct. 1, 2004.  He had just had his 58th birthday on Sept. 27.  He had had a heart attack when he was 46 and had retired a few years before he died.  The day he died, he was on his way to a chiropractor's appointment and had called his wife on the way over there to discuss their dinner plans for that evening.  He never got home.  He must have died right after he turned the car off.  He had parked at the edge of the parking lot of the medical office and was not found for several hours.  It was quite a shock for everyone.  He and his wife had adopted a child from Romania and his wife was left to raise the child, who was 11 when Jimmy died and was a very difficult child to raise.  His son from his first marriage, meanwhile, went on to college and then became a Marine officer and went to Iraq during the second wave of the war.

Have many other people in your class died?  I know John Pender got killed in Viet Nam, or at least I heard he did.
What are you doing in Utah?
I do apologize for taking so long to answer you.  
Hope all is well.


08/21/14 04:15 PM #2    

John O'Connell (Manli Tian-O'Connell)

Jimmy and I both were very active in our parish youth club (Buckley Club) and there was never a dull moment with him. He would call me four or five times before we were going to go out on a double date. He was one of a kind. I occassionally would meet him in an airport when he and I were changing planse when he worked for AAA as a mystry holtel inspector.

Sorry he left us so early because knowing his personality, he would still be the life of the partry.


08/21/14 06:44 PM #3    

Timothy Heaney

Jimmy was a very bright student and friendly guy.  I believe that we worked on the yearbook together.  I spoke with his sister Judy at a Buckley Club reunion some years ago and she told me that he was too ill to attend. Rest in peace.

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