Gift to Carroll

Archbishop Carroll High School
Class of 1964

See February News for the details of final amount of gift ($14,344).  Also see annoucements to understand when your gifts will appear in Carroll's annual report.

Class of 1964 Gift to Archbishop Carroll High School


We should have included this note in the initial mailing, but there were some issues we had to resolve.  Well, better late than never, so here are the details. 

Our Goals

  • $10,000 gift
  • 100% participation
  • Increase the number of guys who donate in future years


What will the money be used for?  The money will be unconstrained and can be used by Carroll in the way that will most benefit the school.  We will be told how the money is used and will forward this information to you. We considered identifying some specific item to use the money for, but in the end felt that giving Carroll more flexibility would result in the money being better spent.


Why $10,000?  Over the past few years our class has had about 5% (8 guys out of 140) who have contributed to the annual fund.  This percentage is one of the lowest of any class.    Because our class has been at the very low end of the contribution scale, we’d like to exceed prior classes’ 50th year gifts.  We also think $10,000 is achievable. 


How much should I give?  We don’t want to set individual goals.  Some can write a check for $1000 or perhaps even $10,000.  For others, a check for $10 or $25 is all they can manage.  We suggest that you consider 3 things to guide you to what you feel is your correct amount:

  • What Carroll has done for me,
  • What I have previously given back to Carroll,
  • What can I do for students now or in the future attending Carroll

 We hope that you would be as generous as your means permit.


Confidentiality.  The amount of your gift is known only to Carroll and the committee’s treasurer.  It is not posted on the web site nor disclosed to anyone else.


Why 100%?  Because just about everyone can afford to give something, and we’d like to use this as a way of starting the practice of each of us making a yearly decision of whether to contribute to Carroll.  Whether its $0 or $1000 – just make it a habit to consider a donation.


I already sent in my check and now that I know more I’d like to give more.  No problem.  Send a supplemental check into Carroll (Archbishop Carroll High School, Advancement Office, 4300 Harewood Road, NE., Washington DC 20017-1513) with the notation “Class of 1964 reunion gift” in the memo line and put Class of 1964 50th reunion on the left bottom corner of the envelope.


When will we know how much our class gave?  We will announce the amount of the gift at each of the reunion functions. Contributions can be accepted up until the last minute, we hope that you get it in by the registration deadline of August 18.


Tax Deductible?  YES!  Carroll will send each person an acknowledgment of his donation.


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the committee members